Allman Brothers

Back down the road to Carlsbad!

We’re very happy to announce our return to The Carlsbad Village Theatre on Saturday, June 25th at 8:00PM.  Our friends from Operation: MINDBLOW will again be providing lovely Psychedelic visions, making for a very trippy night.

In the tradition of the Fillmore East, word has it that a special guest or two will be showing up as well.  With that said, get on down to Carlsbad and boogie with us!

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The Ride Home From Utah

We had a long ride, but it was a great time seeing our brothers and sisters in Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah. Brewski’s and The Garage on Beck... ROCK!

Much thanks to Big Daddy Les Taylor for all his help, we had a blast hearing him playing his butt off!  Some very funny times and some good laughs as well. Like the folks in the hotel lobby who made the comment as we got on the elevator, “we had no idea the circus was in town!”   We may have had that Rock and Roll Circus look!

The band is turning corners!  The groove and the dynamics, it’s all falling into place.

I wish we had a bunch of time to do things… but we don’t.  It’s looking like eight more shows of the Fillmore East tribute and that should take us up to 2017. We all have other projects and this one has been big fun, but it looks like a busy year for everyone in the band.

As we say around camp, were here for a good time… Not a long time!

It really is a lot of fun and a lot of challenge on our chops to play the music. Much like we have learned from the Allman Brothers Band, we don’t always play things the same way twice.  The spontaneity to either take a long or short solo and pumping out jamming harmonies we just made up on the spot… has been a kind of a mystical thing how it all comes together.

We hope to see you in Carlsbad on June 25th at the Carlsbad Village Theatre. Plenty of bike parking, great food and fun bars for before and after the show.

Watch out for the tail dragging dinosaurs!

Peace, Mikey

Ridin' South live at The Carlsbad Theatre

We are very pleased to announce “Ridin’ South’s” first show will be on

Saturday,  June 13  @ 8:00 PM

The Carlsbad Village Theatre

2822 State Street, Carlsbad, CA 92008

This historic theatre is the perfect place to get 300 of our brothers and sisters together to rock with us on the launch of “Ridin’ South”. The band will be performing songs from The Allman Brothers Band famous Fillmore East album. We will be doing our best to make you feel like you have stepped back into 1970, from the light show to the set list, we promise you are going to rock it in a very intimate setting.

Tickets are available online and at the box office. Click Here to purchase.