Mike Reilly, Stephen Campbell, George Manoukian, Randy Hill, Tom Pocho & Lee Williams

"Unlike any other Allman Brothers Band tribute group that I know of Mike Reilly's "Ridin' South" actually has a personal and professional connection. Mike Reilly was and is a friend of Gregg Allman, Jaimoe and the late Lamar Williams and has played with them. He knows them and he knows their music. This is the real deal!"  -Willie Perkins 

(Former tour manager/co-personal manager of The Allman Brothers Band, The Gregg Allman Band and author of two books on the band.) 

I’m very excited to announce that I have assembled a crew of “Enlightened Rogues” to perform the music of what has inspired me since the age of 13, a tribute to the Allman Brothers Band called Ridin South.

I get to play the music I thought I never would again and I get to do it with a band that I really call my brothers.  

Playing guitar is my guitar teacher/mentor Randy Hill, who I met in the late 70’s.  Recently we were brought back together and it has been an inspiration. He is currently a member of Sha Na Na and former guitarist for the Pointer Sister’s Band.

Stephen Campbell is on Bass. He and I ditched high school to jam to The Fillmore East Album with another Anaheim brother, Kid Ramos. 

Drummers deluxe are Lee Williams and George Manoukian. George has been with the MRB since 2007.  Lee and I have been recording and performing together for over 10 years.    

The Hammond B3 will showcase the new blood in the crew. Another long time Anaheim friend Thomas Pocho will be pounding out remarkable sounds.

As for my own band, a blues album is being recorded at this time. Kid Ramos will be guesting along with a lot of really cool players from the San Diego blues scene

I haven’t had as much positive response to anything I’ve done in awhile as Ridin South.  -Mike Reilly


Contact Mike Reilly for more info and booking details.